How long does a Spray Tan last?

With good aftercare, your tan should last 5-10 days

How many days before my wedding should I get my spray Tan?

Its best to have your tan 2 days prior to your wedding or event, however having it the day before is ok too.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure that creates little hairstrokes in the skin to look like real hair.  It is a great technique for filling in brows that are patchy or sparse, and for someone who wants a very natural look in their brow. 

What is Powder Brow?

Powder brow is a semi permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure that gives the appearance of a soft powdery shade in the brow.  This technique is perfect for those who usually wear a little bit of makeup in their brows such as brow pencil or brow powder.

Powder brow can be done to have a very bold look or a super soft natural look that will not be overly obvious once healed. 

Will my cosmetic tattoo procedure hurt?

We use a double action numbing cream prior to numb the skin, and then also sometimes apply a fast acting gel numbing solution to the skin to ensure you are completely comfortable. Most clients will be able to relax and feel little to no pain at all.

What is Plasma skin tightening (also known as Fibroblast)?

Plasma is a non invasive, non surgical skin tightening treatment that uses a small plasma spark that creates a small millimetre sized carbon spot where excess skin has been evaporated. 

The tissue that has been evaporated will result in a tightening in the skin which will minimise wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation spots.
For more information on plasma, visit the Treatments page.